Do you want to increase productivity? Then adopt a coaching style of management

The latest copy of Edge, the magazine which provides insight from ILM landed on the door mat this morning.  Browsing the articles, a quote from Eric Garton in Power to the People (Crush 2017) jumped out at me: “An engaged employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied one; but one who is inspired is 125% more productive than a satisfied one.” Wow!  What could organisations achieve if more staff were engaged?  And just imagine the potential productivity if we all turned up for work feeling inspired.

So what can organisations do to engage and where possible, inspire their employees?

1.  Allow staff to make decisions

Employees who have the freedom to make decisions are more likely to be intrinsically motivated, and therefore engaged, and more productive. Empowering individuals to make their own decisions is at the centre of coaching models. Managers using a coaching style will encourage transparency of decisions and hold staff accountable for their decisions and actions, whilst providing support to enable their staff to step up.

2.  Eliminate the unnecessary comms and processes

“Organisational drag” is the term Garton uses to describe unproductive meetings, unnecessary emails and too many interactions.

I don’t know about you, but I remember feeling dragged down by yet another futile meeting or email thread copied to everyone without due regard and respect to my time. A manager who coaches will be able to support their staff  identify these issues in one-to-one conversations,support changes and raise productivity.

3.  Communicate vision and purpose

To be inspired at work we need to be aligned to the organisation’s vision and purpose.  Leaders need to help staff make the connection between the business strategy and their personal contribution. Managers and Team Leaders are ideally placed to articulate the difference the team can make to customers and the business.

The good news is that all managers can develop a range of coaching skills that will not only achieve greater engagement, but raise productivity too.

That leads us to our inspired colleagues…….

Garton asserts that 1 in 8 employees are inspired.

Are you the 1 in 8?

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Crush P (2017)  Power to the People Edge Magazine Ed.Sally Percy, LID Publishing






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