Is coaching the best option for your client?

Coaching is a conversation.  There are many other types of conversations that are used at different times to support people at work and in life generally.  We can think of coaching as a conversation with expectations, and it is important to discuss these with your coachee as part of the contracting piece.  This will help your coachee to decide whether they are ready for coaching.

Personal change is at the heart of coaching.  To achieve personal change through coaching, coachees need to be able to:

  1. Engage fully in the coaching process
  2. Identify goals and outcomes they want to work towards
  3. Be willing to develop greater self-awareness
  4. Be emotionally robust enough to accept challenge to their own assumptions
  5. Imagine a different future
  6. Be willing to develop the skills required to achieve goals
  7. Make decisions based on evidence
  8. Identify their own actions
  9. Follow through on actions
  10. Use experience to inform future decisions and actions

Coaching is future orientated, demanding and it takes work.  When coaching is the right conversation then it is likely that your coachee will achieve significant results.  But if your coachee cannot sign up to the 10 points above then there are plenty of alternative conversations that can provide support.  It is better to invite your coachee to get in touch again when they are ready for this work than create a situation where they are set up for disappointment because they cannot make the most of this opportunity.

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