Welcome to Clara the Coach!

If you are an experienced coach or mentor, studying for an accredited qualification or just interested in learning more, then you are in good company here.

Coaching and mentoring are tried and tested methods of one-to-one and group support in workplaces, with many people having benefitted from having access to a coach or mentor.

We provide face to face coaching and mentoring, sessions by telephone, skype and email, support and supervision for coaches and mentors, and a number of different courses and qualification options for people wanting to become a coach/mentor.

Whilst face to face coaching and mentoring has traditionally been the first choice for many we believe that the time is right to expand the range of digital tools and explore the potential benefits, and barriers, to coaching and mentoring using a range of virtual options including 3D virtual worlds.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery as we work with individuals and global groups in our 3D virtual world.  We will be publishing and discussing our findings here.

This is an exciting time to be working in L&D, OD, providing the right learning at the time it is needed, and using technology to enable that to happen.

We hope you enjoy the various resources on this site, and look forward to some thought provoking conversations about learning in the modern workplace.